Referral Program

Candidate Referrals

Referral ProgramAxiom offers the following referral programs to compensate those who refer qualified candidates that are placed as direct hires or project based hires.

  • Permanent Position Hires
    Axiom rewards those who refer a qualified candidate that is placed within a permanent position and remains employed for the full guarantee period. The referral must be employed at the time of the payment of the referral reward. Your reward for a successful permanent position referral is $500, paid after the candidate fulfills the guarantee period.
  • Project Hires
    Referrals that are placed within a project must remain employed for a minimum of three months. When the placed candidate remains employed for the full guarantee period, your reward will be $300, paid after the candidate fulfills guarantee period.

New Business Opportunities

Individuals are also eligible for a bonus if they refer a new client that is not in our database and who does not have a relationship with Axiom. Leads must result in a staffing placement that fulfills the guarantee period.

A reward of $150 for each placement, with a maximum of 3 consultant placements per client, will be awarded as each placed candidate fulfills their guarantee period.