GIS Solutions: Mapping a Better Future

Partnering with Axiom brings your vital GIS information to you quickly and accurately

GISAxiom Consulting Group offers class leading services in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for a wide range of purposes such as real estate, cadastre, environmental, urban development, water supply and sewage networks, and power utility organizations.

Axiom offers expertise in many GIS Solutions

GIS Design and Application development

Axiom teams specialize in spatial technologies and studies, providing end to end GIS solutions. Whether you need database design, data modeling or GIS analysis, Axiom’s mission is to empower customers with the benefits and technological advantages of Geographic Information Systems, while creating and implementing cost-effective processes and solutions.

Remote Sensing

Axiom enables you to use the data measurements collected from airplanes or satellites for the manipulation, analyzing, and visualizing of those images

Axiom can assist you with:

  • Lidar
  • Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)
  • Orthophoto and MTLS

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CAD & Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Easily convert your CAD structural drawings to editable 2D and 3D modeling digital formats and enable easier building or structural management.

Learn more about Axiom’s CAD and BIM capabilities


Axiom can assist you with generating easy-to-use maps from your existing library.

  • Thematic maps
  • Maps for web & print
  • Geo-spatial analysis

Axiom also provides services for Cadastre maps:

  • Parcel Mapping using Tax-maps, Ortho-photos, Satellite imagery
  • Parcel mapping using LiDAR survey and Photogrammetric inputs

Data Conversion

Axiom assists you in transforming your information into the latest formats:

  • AutoCAD Map 2011
  • ArcGIS 9.x
  • Microstation V8
  • MapInfo
  • Global Mapper
  • Open GIS such as Quantum GIS
  • EDIGEO and other customized software