Turn Your Maps, Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 2

March 10, 2014

Searchability My blog editor (WordPress) still flags this word as misspelled, as if to say, “Hey!  You can’t make up words here.” But, in today’s world, searchability is paramount. As an example, I have roughly 5,000 contacts on my smartphone.  It slows me down and reduces my productivity to look for Henry Rollins by scrolling from A to R and then for me to scroll more slowly once I get in the “R”s.  I use the integrated... Read More →

Turn Your Paper Docs into Business Data, Part 1

January 17, 2014

Save Space.  Sounds simple enough, but have you stopped to think about the value of your office space?  What about your mental space? David Allen, productivity guru and author of “Getting Things Done” points out that mental clarity or “space” is invaluable for creativity. One of the best (arguably the only) way to foster a creative environment is to have clear, open space in your work area to operate. Frequently, the reason we have... Read More →

Why Scan My Stuff, Introduction

December 6, 2013

There are three substantive reasons to take paper documents in a business, and convert them to digital documents. The motives are described with different words, but the focus is the same: Save space and ensure Business Continuity Increased searchability Make use of Business Intelligence and Workflow Automation In this series of blogs, I’d like to take take each of these idea and flesh them out. The best news is you don’t have to choose 2 or 3... Read More →

Resumes: The Key to a Great First Impression

November 21, 2013

I recently read an insightful piece by Charles Purdy, Senior Editor for Monster, titled “Four Things That Can Send Your Resume into the Trash.” (http://mnstr.me/xYzi6l) I loved this article. Throughout my nearly two decades as a recruiter, I have seen so many recruits continue to make the same mistakes. I would like to add my two cents regarding resumes. It is very important to ensure your resume reflects your best characteristics. Always proofread your... Read More →